Director’s Statement

This film focuses on the themes of betrayal and unrequited love through the stories Why, Honey?, A Serious Talk, The Train, and Little Things. Short, terse, and poignant, each tale will stand alone, encompassed in the larger work by theme and characterization.

As a filmmaker, it is my intention to recreate the weathered worlds of each character through stark imagery and shooting on location. Shooting has been scheduled for May 24, 2010 through June 6, 2010 and is subject to change.

It is the goal of the fimmakers to honor the tone and mood of Raymond Carver, and adapt his work into a modern day parable.

The Character driven narratives follow the Raymond Carver’s story lines, and serve to engage his literary community while introducing a new generation to the work of this obscure, but acclaimed author.  The filmmakers will reach this audience by distributing Little Things through short film festivals nationwide and through a social networking campaign.

Shooting will be on location to reflect the gritty reality of their environments.  Each residence will be authentic to show the lower rung of society that the characters inhabit.

Regional actors will be tapped through casting agencies and local theatre groups, showcasing a new generation of unseen talent in the Northern California Region.

Director Jacob Schantz will explore fundraising through private investors and donations from the Sacramento community and The Raymond Carver Society.  By targeting groups that promote filmmaking and artistic endevours, Little Things hopes to garner attention from the audience hungry for a filmic literary experience.

Little Things Investor Information


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