Little Things seeks fiscal sponsorship from a non-profit corporation that promotes independent filmmaking and artistic endeavors in the Northern California Region.  This partnership will give the filmmakers a tax shelter while incentivizing investors to donate.  The filmmakers pledge to donate seven-to-nine percent of fundraising proceeds to the non-profit corporation that provides Little Things fiscal sponsorship.


Fundraiser: This one-time fundraiser seeks to raise the capital needed to supplement pre-production costs and searches for investors by auctioning off Executive Producer titles, walk-on roles, and items and services offered by regional vendors.  Set in a black-tie dinner atmosphere, investors would be treated to live music and poetry readings.  This event will be advertised through the regional radio interviews targeting literary audiences, social networking websites, and educational institutions.

Producer Credit System: In addition to this event, Little Things’ website will feature a link to allow investors to obtain an Associate Producer or Producer credit based on the amount donated.  Donations ranging from one-cent to one hundred dollars will earn investors an Associate Producer Credit.  All investors donating above one hundred dollars will receive a Producer credit.


This fundraiser focuses on the community by aligning with a Second Saturday venue that showcases Sacramento film.  This fundraiser aims to educate the public on Little Things and raise donations through art and live music performances.  All proceeds reimburse production expenses.


The third and final fundraiser seeks to cover poster prints, advertising and festival submissions costs.  The finished film will be screened at theatre rented for one-night only.  After the screening, an After Party will be held in the lobby, where donations will be raised in a model that mirrors that the first fundraising structure.  Potential investors will be allowed to bid on Executive Producer positions, film props, and items and services donated by regional vendors in an elegant cocktail and appetizer environment.  Ticket sale proceeds will also fund the theater rental and post-production expenses.Fundraising Master Plan


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