Little Things Synopsis

Logline: Four short films adapted from the works of author Raymond Carver.

Synopsis: Connected by themes of love and betrayal, Little Things revolves around passionately disturbed characters that control their realities through brutal means.

Little Things

Logline: A violent couple quarrels for custody over their infant son.

Synopsis: In the middle of an intense break-up, a couple tear at the limbs of their baby for control his future.

Inciting Incident: The Father grabs for his son, while the Mother shrieks tugs back.

Culmination Point: The Father pulls back violently while his son slips out of his fingers.

Act 1: A Mother screams at her husband as he packs his suitcase.  When he decides to take their son with him, he attempts to rip the infant child from the mother’s arms.

Act 2: The couple struggle violently and shout obscenities at another while quarreling over their child.  He tries to weaken grip by prying her fingers off one by one.  When her grip loosens, she regains a second wind, and regains her grip on the child.  She pulls harder.

Act 3: Loosing control, the Father rips back his child in one powerful pull that ends the infant’s screaming.

Why, Honey?

Logline: A mother lives in fear when her son’s lies conceal his dark motives.

Synopsis: A mother confronts the lies surrounding her existence and her son’s new life.

Inciting Incident: The Mother finds a bloody shirt in her son’s trunk, prompting her suspicions.

Culmination Point: The Mother confronts her son about his lies and her broken heart.

Act 1: Camilla’s scholarly son confounds her sanity when his seemingly meaningless white lies add up to something more when she finds a bloody shirt and knife in the back of his trunk.

Act 2: As she tries to grow closer to her son, he continues to push her away, breaking her heart by lashing out and yelling.  Finally, tired of the lies, she confronts her son, asking why he denies the simple, undisputed facts.  He responds by saying to accept it and submit.  Frightened, she leaves her son in tears.

Act 3: The Mother sits from the bleachers listening to her son’s prize winning civics speech, talking about the value of social responsibility.

A Serious Talk

Logline: A man returns to the home he shared with his ex-wife and forcefully makes her decide his role their broken family.

Synopsis: A jealous man pursues his ex-wife after his outburst on Christmas almost burns his family’s home down.  When his wife takes a mysterious call, his feelings become enraged and he threatens his wife through rage and violence.

Inciting Incident: The man piles on too much wood on the fireplace, almost burning the home down.

Culmination Point: The man cuts the phone cord to his ex-wife’s house to stop her growth beyond him.

Act 1: Burt spends Christmas with his children and ex-wife, Vera, until dinnertime when he has instructions to leave and make way the wife’s friend and his children.  As Vera and the kids set the dining table for their guest, he piles on too much firewood into the fireplace and walks away while stealing the pies cooling on the window.

Act 2: The man returns to his home, trying to apologize for his actions on Christmas.  The wife, unable to continue caring, refuses his apology.  He begs to come in, and she breaks down and lets him inside.  Once in, he tries to pump her for information on her new man, on her life, and she continues to shut him out.  When a phone call comes in, she excuses herself from the room to take it, making the man feel jealous and unwanted.  He takes a serrated kitchen knife and saws through the phone cord.

Act 3: When she returns to see what happened, she kicks him out.  He takes their ashtray in hand, looking ready to throw at her head, but instead storms out of the house.  He keeps the ashtray as a souvenir.

The Train

Logline: A young wife stuffs her purse with twenty-grand and a revolver after gunning down her lover.

Synopsis: An adulterous murderous woman, Denise Dent, flees to a train station to catch the next ride out of town.  During her brief, tense stay, she encounters an older couple that reminds her why took the risks she did.

Inciting Incident: After Mrs. Dent belittles her squirming lover and she shoots him dead.

Culmination Point: Rather than confessing and listening to her conscience, Mrs. Dent boards the train and escapes.

Act 1: Mrs. Dent shoves her revolver into the back of her lover’s head as he lay on the ground.  Mrs. Dent pours her broken heart out.  Mrs. Dent says her peace and FIRES.

Act 2: Mrs. Dent sits in a train station waiting room, alone, staring at the wall clock.  Lost in thought, an elderly couple enters and interrupts her quiet time with pedantic banter.  The wife insults Mrs. Dent for her silence, which makes Mrs. Dent uncomfortable and leads her to step outside with the husband, now smoking.  A moment passes, and they almost speak when the train arrives.

Act 3: Fearful of authorities and strangers, Mrs. Dent boards the train after the couple, blends into the apathetic crowd of commuters and transients.  Before the train departs, another passenger boards.  Denise stares out the window and pats her purse and smiles.  The Strangers sits behind Denise.  He coddles a box of roses and grins.

WGA # 1433659


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